Noria Mabasa

Noria Mabasa is considered to be a South African living treasure who has been practicing and perfecting her artistic practice as a sculptor since 1974. She is a custodian of indigenous knowledge and is a respected teacher who willingly shares her knowledge and skills. Known for her pottery and wood sculptures, she is a recipient of the 2002 Silver category of the Order of the Baobab, also receiving several other national and international accolades and awards for her outstanding artistry and creativity.

More quotes by Noria Mabasa:

  • "The artist is part of a community, you can't separate the two"
  • "I consult and ask for guidance from my ancestors. I need a dream to tell me what to make. Unless it comes to me in a dream, nothing will happen. I can't work. If I dream about it and don't do it, I get sick."

1938 -
Nationality: South African